responsive pleading

My first collection of poems, Responsive Pleading, is now available for purchase from ALL CAPS PUBLISHING.

Click here to order from Amazon or contact me ( if you would like an autographed paper copy, adorned with hearts and flowers and such. 

Indie poet Kerry O'Connor, Chief Toad at the writing community Imaginary Garden With Real Toads, reviewed Responsive Pleading at her poetry blog, Skylover. Here is an excerpt:
I cannot recommend this book in strong enough terms. You must read it for yourself, and appreciate the soul behind the poetry. This is a voice of the post post-modern era, a voice brave enough to "blow its own trumpet" and speak to the inner ear of everyman, and everywoman.
Kerry also describes my writing: "Marian's work is characterized by a sparseness of expression, and the compact nature of her imagery."

Please read the detailed review here:  A Wedge of Geese 

Journalist and humorist Jessica Schnall, who happens to be one of the funniest, cleverest people on earth, penned the quote that is emblazoned on the back of Responsive Pleading: "Marian's poetry is like the American songbook: simple, full of heart, timeless." Jessica reviewed my book, sort of, at her blog, Alone... With Cats, here: And then I got a book deal... 

Five-Star review from Sam Edge:
Responsive Pleading takes us through the four seasons and ties them to the the thoughts and feelings of the poet. Her experience as a mother rings true and authentic with every word. There is no doubt that Marian is writing from the the heart and not for the audience. An awesome collection.

Five-star review from Sarah Whiteley:
Marian Kent is one of those rare wordsmiths who manages to cut to the crux of a thing with absolute grace. Her poetry is at once polished and real, and each piece holds its own artful truth that makes the reader say "yes!" It was an absolute joy to wander through the pages of Responsive Pleading, and I know I'm not alone in my anticipation of another book. Brava, Ms. Kent!

Five-star review from Steve Shultz:
Responsive Pleading by Marian Kent is a terrific collection of poetry. The book is divided into four sections - one for each season - but the book is a cohesive bunch of poems that had me hooked from the very beginning. Marian writes with natural voice and passion on topics like motherhood, love and relationships. A quick read, yes, but I did not want to put it down.

Five-star review from t:
Listen, I usually don't "do" poetry, but with Marian Kent's work, I am pretty well enraptured.

Her voice isn't poetic (although it very much is), so much as it is impassioned, real and intense - her poems can make you blush as much as they can cause you to cry. She has a delicious way of making words almost dance in front of you, and I quite often found myself reading aloud, just to fully appreciate her clear, succinct and ingenious voice.
I would highly recommend this book, especially to all of you out there who don't necessarily "do" poetry, but do enjoy reading the work of a truly talented writer.

Five-star review from Susie Clevenger:
Life like nature has seasons as Marian Kent so beautifully points out in her poetry. When I first saw the book was divided into seasons I thought Spring would be poems of joy and winter would be poems of heartache, but Marian didn't use that approach. She so brilliantly points out there is heartache at times in sunshine and flights of freedom in frost. One of my favorite poems is "Just Water." She speaks of trying to explain nature's devastation to a child, yet it goes beyond that into a metaphoric lesson on weathering the storms in life.

Marian's writing is timely, relatable, and moving. It is a book well worth each moment spent within its seasons.

Five-star review from Judy Lee Thurber:
The most wonderful part of wallowing in "responsive pleading" was the feeling that I was reading messages from the heart of a real woman, a real mother, a real wife, and a real human. There was not one iota of fakery or pretense. Marian is an artist with words, and I dearly love the pictures she has painted on my mind's canvas. This is an exceptional book. I do not often buy books of poetry, but this was a wonderful treat. I highly recommend it, and I cannot wait until her next edition.

Five-star review from Eden Baylee:
Ms. Kent sees the world in a unique way and shares it with us in four seasons of poetry. I loved the layout of the book and was fortunate enough to purchase a copy autographed by the author.
This collection explores numerous themes, but the ones I enjoyed the most touched on love and children. One of my favorites is "bed-hopping (not that kind)". As with many of the poems, it both intrigued and delighted.

The collection pays homage to life and the people we are fortunate enough to share it with. More importantly, it reminds us the benign moments are also special as they make up the whole of our experiences. 

Five-star review from Kirsten Piccini:
Never would I think that I would love a book of poetry as much as a novel, but since RESPONSIVE PLEADING arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon, I have fallen in love with every word. By 1am this morning, I had abandoned sleep and devoured the book twice, the cover already dog eared, the words already sent to friends, the author tweeted.

I felt like Marian was speaking for me, as a woman, a wife, a mother and as the girl who still believes in fairy tales, BIG INCREDIBLE words and what ifs. The subtle images brought me to my knees. I gasped, I laid the book down and stared into space, I highlighted passages and I related my own life to her words.

That really is the point, isn't it, when a book changes you life? You relate, you see yourself in those places and you can sigh "ME TOO".

There are so many pages of goodness in this collection, but my favorites are Waiting on a Wire, Prayer and Hang My Moon...maybe they will be your favorites too, or maybe you'll see yourself in her other offerings. Whatever the case is, BUY THIS BOOK. Once you have read her words, conjured her images, you will not be the same: that's the invisible (and free) gift that comes in the box with this amazing book.  

Five-star review from Nonnymonster:
You probably think that poetry is easy to come by so you don't need to buy a book of poetry. You are oh, so very wrong. You need this book.

 Five-star review from Diana E.:
Responsive Pleading is both accessible and challenging. It is poetry both for novices (like me) and more sophisticated readers (like the friend with whom I shared it). Enjoy!

Five-star review from Sherry Merk:
This poet's style is very accessible and relatable. She writes from the heart about the issues at hand, and the reader gets a sense of who is writing the words, along with admiration for the skill with which she does so. From glimpses of the everyday, the blessed small moments, to life's larger questions and ponderings - everything is here, in page after page of highly enjoyable reading.

I already have been following this poet's work at her site online. So I knew this book was going to be good. It exceeds all expectations, and I am left impatiently waiting for the sequel, so I can follow the story further.

I highly recommend this book to all lovers of poetry.

Five-star review from Lance Burson:
Marian Kent has put together a book of poetry that will touch your conscience and make you think over the multiple times you will read them.

Her style is so raw but very lyrical. You'll learn about yourself through her brilliant words. Responsive Pleading has been in my car and beside my bed every day since I received. Good day? There's plenty to read. Bad day? there's plenty to read. Most of all you will feel her rich soul in every stanza.

This is a must read. I loved it and continue to love it through every read.

 Five-star review from Mark Emr:
This is not just another poetry book by just another poetry blogger. Marian gives so much more in her debut book, "responsive pleading" than you can find on her blog. In the book, there's a little magic and a whole lot of substance. From cover to cover, it seemed that Marian was writing just for me, even though we've never met! I literally couldn't put it down. I simply love this book, and I can't wait for Marian to get cracking on another. Highly recommended.

Five-star review from Cameron Garriepy:
Responsive Pleading showcases Marian's many abilities first as a writer, and more specifically a poet. She has a distinct voice, a wonderfully raw and tender way of revealing the world to the reader. She is both reverent of and fearless with form, shaping her words and images with a firm and elegant hand.

This collection soars, exploring huge universal themes in personal and intimate ways. One can't help but be reminded that we are all things all the time: humans in the world, members of our communities, lovers, friends, parents, and children.

I have been reading Marian Kent's blog for a few years, and have the privilege of calling her my friend, so it's a pleasure indeed to see her first collection of poetry come to print.

 Five-star review from Carl Heppenstall:
I received the collection today in the mail, and it really is a rare treat. I opened it, and before I sat back, I had devoured most of it. I've ordered perhaps 40 books of poetry in the last year, including some by Pulitzer winners, and this is my favorite by far.

I searched for a reason on why I love these poems, and there are several: I can identify with the speaker in many of the poems and when I don't identify with the speaker, I want to know the speaker; these poems are about what it's like to live in our times partly by being incredibly real; there is a masterful charm to the voice of the speaker in most of the poems; unlike most modern poetry, it is never too much, never repetitive, never too brief; there is no deception, complete honesty, and that is a rare find in today's poetry.

Five-star review from Sue Roulusonis Pione:
Without selling anything, Marian Kent's poetry shows you the "American Dream: The New Millennium." She's a housewife, mother, career-girl, who sings of the joys of motherhood without sacrificing the love and lust of "sex before children," and showing real pain and depth of feeling in concise, clever wording in an intelligence that paves the way for the newer, modern, empowered American Dreamers.

Five-star review from Steve Sauter:
Lovely poetry of love between a woman and her husband, her children, her life. Filled with sensuality, poignancy, regret, promise, and fulfillment. All that is love and love that is all are contained within these pages and thoughtful words.