Heart Container

Introducing Heart Container
Earnest Poems by Marian Kent
Truly Gorgeous Cover Design by Max Germer

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Five-star review from Joy S Grape:

The best thing about Marian Kent's poetry is that it's all about stuff I've never thought of before, but as soon as I read it, it seems so obvious. In other words, her thinking is complex but her writing isn't. Your friend who doesn't like poetry would probably like this book.

Five-star review from Cameron Garriepy:

Forget About Those Revitalizing Creams, Marian Kent knows that poetry is the secret... Once again, Marian delves into the deepest parts of home and love and connection with her signature playful reverence for words and their power. Superheroic verse, indeed. Arranged in deceptively simple sections, Heart Container's poems journey through the most obvious secrets of experience: the light, the dark, the in between. Brava!

Five-star review from Troy:

Listen, I don't normally "do" poetry. No offense intended, I just don't. But Marian Kent is different. A phenomenal poet to be sure, she is something more. Similar to Douglas Adams, in Marian's writing you see a total love of writing. A love of words. And Marian does so with an explosion of tight, meaningful and memorable jabs to, well, your heart container I suppose.

So, short story long, for even those of you out there that don't normally "do" poetry, I highly recommend you give this delightful read a try!

Five-star review from Adam Ortiz:

Reading this book, I felt like I was walking around the author's home with her as she showed me knickknacks that, on the surface, appear simple and commonplace. Through her storytelling about each, however, these knickknacks become rich with poignant memories, heavy truths, glinting flashes of beauty, philosophical questions, and a few laughs. These poems, the majority of which are short and accessible, felt like items a reader could keep in their pocket and pull out when the occasion calls for it. I thoroughly enjoyed all of them.

Five-star review from Tim Schaefer:

In Heart Container, Marian Kent brings you into her world in a gentle, yet intimate (almost conspiratorial) way--transmuting the small moments in life into abundant food for thought. Plastic bags waving in maple branches. The rhythm of katydids. Billy Idol's sneer (got a chuckle out of that one!) These are tasty morsels. Take a handful at a time and savor them. Like comfort food on a rainy day, you will crave more. When you've polished them off, don't despair. Go back to the beginning. Previously undetected subtleties and nuance emerge. How many licks does it take? (Find out on page 68.) Bon Apetit!

Five-star review from Joli Hamilton:

I'm loathe to write reviews of poetry because, like sex or food, one person's yum is another's yuck. But this is yummy. Marian writes and I feel that she might have been me... those are my own memories come to the page. Ah, right, we're both humans.
Marian's poetry catches human-ness when it's not looking. She reminds my body that I am here, now, in this messy beauty of life.

Five-star review from Sue Roulusonis:

The cover hits you first; beautiful flowers encased by the rib cage, along with a deceptively simple title, "Heart Container." Your first thought is a resounding "YES! I get it!" - and then you wonder how such an 'obvious' description escaped your mind before. As it should, the cover summarizes its thousand words, and does so eloquently. In wondrous contrast, Marian's words are evocative of thousands of images that develop so detailed and clear in your mind you're struck with an odd sense of familiarity that makes you feel like you've been there before. And your reaction is the same as when you really looked at the cover; "YES!"