Found Poem for 2021: Unspeakable Loss Version


This week,

the USA passed a milestone

    so grim

    so heartbreaking

    so unnerving

       & unnecessary:


*quoting Dan Rather, Midweek Question on Steady@substack.com 2-24-21


Valentine's Day


If I could

I’d use

all my best blues

to paint you

and me 

feeling free

the color of the breeze

and my sigh

your hand on my thigh

as we drive

shades of being alive

me and you

all my best blues

I do


Found Poem for 2021: Big Lie Version



evidence exists 

upon which 

a reasonable jurist 

could conclude 

that his statements 

were accurate 

or not

and he therefore 


they were false

*brief by Donald J. Trump defending against impeachment, Feb 2021