Baking Brings Few Surprises


my batter bowl


always remembering

a busted bread bowl


like the piece of me

that’s chinked off


(protecting my bowl)

   that piece of me   

could be mixed in batter

ingested with these cupcakes


to find its way back

through my belly


A New Year


I want to write poems

on kites

soared across 

the wide river

jammed with ice

like my mood


and stuck

I mean really

what would happen

if I flew verse so high


beyond the oxbow

brown-ice cornfields


and everything


The Hard Work of Hope


Friends, I’m truly honored that editor Elizabeth Macduffie 

submitted and Mass Poetry selected one of my poems 

to be featured in The Hard Work of Hope. If you click below, 

a poem I'm particularly proud of certainly fits this theme. 

In fact, I think all of my poems are on this theme and I covet 

the name of this series. Anyway my poem is called "Progression,"

originally published in the spectacular Meat For Tea

I hope you like it. And I even provided a fun writing prompt.

Thank you, friends, for reading and supporting my work. 

Here's to whatever 2021 throws at us:


"Progression” in The Hard Work of Hope