At Ten

Ten years
meanders like riverbends
then soars
ever cloudward
peeking shoulderwise

Everyone blinks how
we arrived at this place
damply imagining
what lofty follies might follow
at such heights

The Runaway Sentence is ten years old today! *cheer*



I like
the way it feels
lying next to you
the way it looks
outside our window
and the way your breath
warms the unspoken
everywhen of this moment
soft like sunrise
brilliant like fresh snow
clear like yestervision
hopeful like tomorrow morning
but still persisting
in cracking just a bit
like I am

For Friday Flash 55 offered by Joy at Verse Escape


Proper Usage During a Pandemic

This week
marked my first use
of panic-spiral as a verb
to describe us together
washing cans of black beans
packages of basmati rice
and birthday presents
as though they held 
land mines
ticking to explode our hearts
already full up
with quarantine anxiety 
but then a sudden rush
of sequestered desire
incited in me 
a gratitude-spiral so profound 
that I pray this kind of love 
goes viral


Math Problems

Math was never really my thing
but I used to take
3 trips for groceries each week

There are 4 people in my family
and 13 veterans died last week
at the local Soldiers Home

They say best-case scenario
is 100-240,000 Americans dead
there are 16,000 people in my town

162,000 in the whole county
7 million in the Commonwealth
where we’re to stay home this week

And for the foreseeable future
so you’d think in this circumstance 
the streets would be empty 

Against exponential increase
but from my front door and screens
I’m watching everyone walking by

We should NOT be taking it to the streets now, friends
Day 2 of Poetry Month in the Imaginary Garden


Poems From a Distance

is poetry month

And we fools
now are told
100,000 to 240,000
Americans will be dead
by summer

So this is my poem
for April

The Imaginary Garden is open in April for Poetry Month!!