I am a mourning dove
considering what to do
about a day grey with worry
and consternation
Have I saved enough
studied taught enough am I
what is enough?
like pigeon milk
roiled in morning’s belly
sunrise swaddled but I am
perched with coo
It is up to me to decide
no permission required
sovran and innate
so I am
bragging my old wings today



We’ll require
more helicopters 
to enforce compliance
with the national curfew
and ensure that nothing
gets out of hand
during our regular
celebratory bookburnings

Weekly challenge at Earthweal: FIRE


Circular Logic

for the sooted canaries
springing from rain grey
January days
concomitant moonless nights
as they
reveal the consequence
of unrestrained might
sustained disregard
for their faux-winter song
right in front of our earthworn 
weary and solitary faces
they are trying to warn us
if only we would 

For Kerry’s January word list @skyloverpoetry on Instagram


Ever-Rising Star

My Sister-Poet Kerry O’Connor created this precious gem for me
in response to my last music prompt in the Imaginary Garden
and in honor of our friendship, for which I am always grateful
and may it last forever. I had to share to kick off the new year.
Love, love you, dear Kerry! Here’s to a creative 2020 xoxo