On Poetry

My dear friend Sherry interviewed Susie Clevenger and me
about writing poetry and blogging over at Poets United! 
Wonderful, here:



autumn equinox
since you arrived
on a leafy breeze
warming my vision
from blue
to shades of pink

Happy 16th birthday to my son Jack. I can hardly believe it!


Uphill Battles

wisping round
the mountain’s shoulders
like a pashmina
snuggling her
against September chill
I pull my sweater tighter
and begin to climb



Before the hurricane winds,
small voices whirling in--
Day or night? It’s all right.
Whispered window observation:
The sky is orangey.

Orangey sky in the morning--
A warning or your kiss?
Missives, kids and popular songs,
all reflecting on that same sky,
yours now to apply.

Kiss blown to you,
claiming our song for me--
If only to hear you once again:
Bye, bye love.

I’m devastated at the news that Ric Ocasek has passed away. 
Anyone who knows me knows my favorite band is and always 
has been The Cars and Ric Ocasek my favorite poet. Love, fun 
music, and inspiration for a lifetime. Since 1978!

This poem appears in my book SUPERPOWERS or: More Poems About Flying


Slow Down

All these years
I’ve held on to a memory
of being 15 
standing alone in a room
practicing singing
the 59th Street Bridge Song
groovy a cappella
over and over until
I could sing it just right
    whatcha knowin’
but I have no memory
of actually performing it
for anyone
maybe I should take a lesson
and sing it now
as the morningtime drops
all its petals on me
here in my kitchen
for myself

Just One Word in the Imaginary Garden: GROOVY
(With gratitude and apologies to Paul Simon)


Kitchen Muse

I had a poem
worked out in my head
while I washed dishes
but it disappeared
by the time I was finished
and I want to think
Sylvia Plath
had this problem too