You Are Loved

The hard part
is not only 
noticing messages
but opening up
to receive them

Micro poetry to fill the empty parts in the Garden!


Back to School Show 'n' Tell

I spent summer
feeding the cat
memorizing rhymes
counting misgivings
sharpening my teeth

Bridge of Flowers, Shelburne Falls, MA (photo by Marian Kent)

Sharing on the last Tuesday Platform in the Imaginary Garden, with a deep sigh


Erecting Barriers to... Pretty Much Everything

How many fences
do you need?

fortified with stockade

and balkanized
by chain link,

nary a gate.
Who or what

are you keeping out
or keeping in?

For Just One Word in the Garden: HALVED


Blame It On the Beach

The beach was weird
sassy breeze pushing waves
to throw rocks at our shins
rain and lifeguards
clearing the water
because of marine life
All this in bathing suits
never my favorite
but we pranced and played
sat our fine asses in the sand
for waves to wash over
flicked our hair 
    (caught glances)
bleated like goats
pronounced the ocean female
laughed and laughed and laughed
cried hey sister ocean 
here we are
sassy and strong and shining


Music prompt in the Garden: JUICE