NEPR: Finding Direction

Gentle Readers, I’m thrilled to share this with you! 

This fall, I was interviewed by Carrie Healy of New England Public Radio about Compass Roads, the wonderful Pioneer Valley poetry anthology that includes some of my poems. Here is a link to the story that’s airing today on NEPR, including photos and audio of readings by me and fellow Valley poets Diana Gordon, Forest Proper, and of course the amazing Jane Yolen, who collected and edited the book. I’m so proud to be a part of this:
Finding Direction Through Local Poetry in Compass Roads on NEPR 


The Realizational Quality of Birds

Thonk against the house
in my early morning kitchen
curtains still closed against the grey
almost-dawn and in a flash
I thought I was dying
by invasion from the back porch
and a terrible end but it turned out
to be a big bird bashed against
the window so I sighed not exactly
relieved to remember the thonk of tires
and a magnificent grouse
fluttering at the side of a road
looking back in the rear view
and blood unrelenting for days
upon weeks occasioning my visit
to the doctor requiring that drive
and the passing
thought that I was dying
the only explanation for such a torrent
but it turned out
to be a function of change
even good and necessary change
and looking back from a vantage
of what I realized in my kitchen
this morning is actually seventeen years
(which makes me think of rock songs
and girls of seventeen) since I stopped
bleeding and so much else that now
I listen for thonks as a way
of acknowledging change
both good and unkind but all in time
and I know for sure
I am dying

Whew. Inspired by Avant Gardener in the Imaginary Garden



but there’s no one here
who can address your question
no one here is taking complaints
now or for the foreseeable future
for your expense and trouble
in travelling all this way
as no one here is taking complaints
and that scurrying is certainly not
the sound of anyone hiding from you
we are not at home
feel free to leave your number
but don’t expect a call from us
as we are not taking complaints
and have nothing to say
even though we were expecting you

The Temple by Tomasz Zaczeniuk
used with permission
@fotowizjer on Instagram

For Kerry’s Art Flash prompt in the Imaginary Garden
featuring the work of Tomasz Zaczeniuk