Subject to Change

Our little ecosystem
is subject to seasonal impacts
as we become heated
risk of contamination strong
but feels irreversible
this feeling
this bloated feeling
seems new normal for our environs
in a warmer taxonomy

MONO NO AWARE in the Imaginary Garden


Maybe It's Just Me

settled in my chest
flutters like a bird
struggling to get out

It could be me
but I think you know
this fluttering
inside of you too

It could just be me
but maybe
this is how we are bound
in the post-world

When the bird
of despair
catches in our throats
let’s struggle together

I hope it’s not just me

Giving thanks with love poems in the Imaginary Garden


Backyard in November

I should rake leaves

but I decide
to do something else

when thinking about
leaves and wind
and justice

photo by Marian Kent

Night Descent

My belly

rockets for the ceiling
as though hung by the moon

towing the rest of me
hips and shoulders limp
fingers brushing the floor

Playing with the CHERITA in the Imaginary Garden!


Any Friday Afternoon

What would happen
if I spent this hour
watching my clock
like it might sprout wings
latch on to my mousing wrist
with its desk-clock feet
and launch us both
out the sixth floor window
over the YMCA rooftop
and three tenement high-rises
to I don’t even know what’s
beyond those
beyond my imagination
far beyond my expectations
for a clock-watching Friday
at the office
wishing to fly