When Stars Collide

Recall me as when we first met
cheek at your cheek, friend of a friend,
ill-conceived but not to forget

words upon words to conscious end
of day, then nights, as transit moon
for Venus strayed, could not pretend

to love her less or leave me soon.
Sputtered protestations blustered,
tuckered out, tossing my fortune

in fortune’s lap having mustered
little strength to orbit, this bond
now thrives despite the frustrated

circumstances of its birth--gone
beyond chance collision to love on.

The Toads are trying out the TERZA RIMA form in the Imaginary Garden. This draft is less than stellar but am currently all wound up in the weird rhymes and have lost track of what I’m trying to say. Yikes!


Some Advice For Living in the New Normal

Don’t think too long
about what might be laying eggs
in your breakfast cereal
or nesting in your walls
there’s enough to worry about
in plain sight

It’s easy to lose focus
with headlines pummeling
like heavy rain
and the never-ending parade
of household tasks and advocacy
that add up to an adult life

We see your exhaustion
but we need your good faith
for the revolution
and we need your blessed children
to want something greater
than rank survival

So don’t think too long
about the half life of stink bugs
the detritus of everyday
lift yourself up and the rest of us
in dreamy solidarity
will follow you to higher ground

It’s Wednesday night but I’m sharing this on The Tuesday Platform in the Imaginary Garden