If Only All We Need Were

How woefully wrong
every single thing is now
with Brat Boys of America
running all the shows

It’s amazing how quickly
respect turns to regret
in higher-circus atmosphere

We are endlessly capable
of scudding what’s right for us

But for love’s indefatigability


Another Cavalcade of Seasons and Songs

Fold the year’s pain
into renzuru--
everything you lost locked
in the heart,
head full of yearning,
like showy tailfeathers,
all your melodies memorized
in the wings.
Keep your crane of ghosts
and minor chords
creased in your notebook,
carry it with you,
stashed in your pillow for dreaming.

Sharing an older poem that seems both topical and timely.


Untitled: America

In the USA
the following is acceptable

A man’s last moment alive
groveling on the floor
of a hotel hallway
multiple killing machines
trained on him
following snarled orders
to crawl forward
keeping legs crossed
not to move
for life
his fatal mistake
an involuntary movement
to pull up his pants

The gun that killed him
inscribed with the words

This is acceptable
to the police
a jury
our government
and the court of public opinion
is not universally decrying
an obvious miscarriage
of justice
and basic humanity

There is something very wrong
at the most basic human level
in the USA
on this earth
and I don’t know how
to end this poem


Possibly the Fussiest of All

What will become
of the one whose
fear comes calling

First snowy day
blows away thoughts
of maybe not

Kitty prefers
to nap, stir not
she purrs all day

What about love
dreams made of clouds
above our hearts

The Real Toads are trying out a challenging and very fussy little form
called THAN BAUK in the Imaginary Garden. Yikes


The Collected Poets Series

Hello, Friends, it’s December! Next up, I am thrilled to announce that I’ll reading as part of a distinguished poetry series at my favorite coffeeshop in my favorite town on Thursday night. Look here for photos, bios, poems: THE COLLECTED POETS SERIES

Marian Kent & Irene Willis
The Collected Poets Series
December 7 at 7:00 pm