Marian Kent is the author of three poetry collections, Heart Container, SUPERPOWERS or: More Poems About Flying, and Responsive Pleading. She lives in western Massachusetts with her family and is bossed around by her cat, Sam.




"Apples to Oranges" 
Hard rain awoke me
from workplace dreams
arranging by spreadsheet
comparative thunders
and cephalophores

For the past year (longer, if I'm truthful here) 

I've been mostly just scribbling, not much poetry, 

lots of anger, lots of anxiety, lots of swearing, 

lots of exclamation points, lots of hearts (for those 

I use many colors of pens), lots of loving and pride, 

lots of hate to be honest, lots of confusion, lots 

and lots and lots of stress (I mean lots), lots 

of writing down other people's poems, lots of headlines 

from the news, lots of garbled up trash (have you ever 

seen my handwriting?), lots that amounts to not much 

in lots of notebooks but it's April which is poetry month 

so here you have my confessional, carry on


All I need's
a compass
& a bright star
to navigate
this new year
Because the path is rocky
and complicated
Because it’s hard
to keep flowers alive
let alone children
Because I cannot
tell the difference
between well-intentioned
but bumbling
and counterfeit
Because I was taught
to care for myself
and injury
takes its natural course
unless diverted
I rest by this river
tending young shoots
making friends
with my ambivalence 
     * published in Meat for Tea and by Mass Poetry in The Hard Work of Hope