If I could only start
my words would race
pandemically across pages
threatening the unsteady détente
nurtured for this long
between nightmares and daytime tasks
organizing the immediate
and planning a future free from what 
is impossible to write down
waiting impatiently
for reconnaissance skirmishers
distracting just enough
for constrained imaginings
to go viral

For Friday Flash 55 offered by Joy at Verse Escape


  1. If we could only start, indeed. There is a certain paralyzing quality to the times we are stuck in, almost physically stuck in, and this poem gets thoroughly into that place and squirms its best to get out. But it never doubts there is a way out, and that lifts my heart. Thank you for playing this month, Marian, and I wish you a kickass weekend.

  2. Marian, We do expect a lot from words, don't we. This frenzied piece describes the sense we have of things spinning out of reach and control and even use. I enjoyed your portrayal of what's goin' on.

  3. I appreciate the irony of your opening lines, Marian. Your diction is highly on point, as the world goes viral in more ways than one.

  4. Reading this in my hazmat suit. What a world, what times, eh my friend?


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