We’ll require
more helicopters 
to enforce compliance
with the national curfew
and ensure that nothing
gets out of hand
during our regular
celebratory bookburnings

Weekly challenge at Earthweal: FIRE


  1. Good one. This reminds me of this morning's horror: camels to be shot by helicopter because they drink too much water. You cant make this stuff up. But corporations pillaging water sources is just peachy. I may go out of my mind soon at this rate.

  2. A "celebratory bookburning" sounds a lot like "controlled burn" a phrase increasingly xymoronic these days ... The easier option dealing with the sprawl of the dreadful is to poke out one's eyes, or burn all the books.

  3. Wonderfully expressed. What a world we live in !

  4. More helicopters, more bullets, more blood in the sand, and more ash to fall of everything worth keeping, til we are left with charred bones. I look forward to the rich trying to eat all their money. Fine, crisp writing, marian, that is bright as a campfire in the snow.

  5. Joy, your comment gave me the first smile of the day, given the morning news. I would LOVE to see that, starting wih trump. Did you see they plan to run his son or daughter for office in 2024?

  6. Anything we can do not having to read the books explaining the cause of the fire...

  7. Marian,
    Great job with a slightly different slant on FIRE. (Yeah...I'd love to see the rich start eating their money)

  8. Marion, your words hurt me, so much, as I think of the actions that the Trump administration and its state allies have done to our ability to think freely and express our true selves.


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