Circular Logic

for the sooted canaries
springing from rain grey
January days
concomitant moonless nights
as they
reveal the consequence
of unrestrained might
sustained disregard
for their faux-winter song
right in front of our earthworn 
weary and solitary faces
they are trying to warn us
if only we would 

For Kerry’s January word list @skyloverpoetry on Instagram


  1. This poem speaks to me in the moment, this strange place we find ourselves in the first week of 2020, wondering why things did not magically turn around for the better, but seemingly got worse.
    Thanks for writing using words from my Skylover Wordlist, dear friend.

  2. Yes.. I do think the warnings were there, we didn't or didn't know how to listen and now I wonder if it is too late. Look at 2020 what a disastrous beginning.. where might it end!

  3. Oh the faux-winter... I know it all too well... maybe we still think that the canary sings.

  4. Seems we are not good at heeding warnings. Sigh. 2020, as the world burns. We are weary indeed.


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