Look At What I've Done

The truth
that weighs me down
like a stone pashmina
when I want to be
as wild horses
in a sundown distance
or an afternoon
tucked off the grid
is so heavy
and rock-hard
as to imbalance 
the rest of it
even all my stolen time 
with you

Inspired by Bruce Springsteen
My last music prompt in the Imaginary Garden



  1. The stone pashmina is such a core image and sets the tone of the whole piece. Also the phrasing and line breaks create a steady pace in which one may absorb each line. I have been continually enthralled by your poetic voice over a decade of reading your poetry, Marian. I feel so privileged to have been here for the journey.

  2. Ok, I wasn't going to cry, but reading this has brought on the tears. Your writing is so beautiful. Music carries us toward poetry. It influences so much of what I write.

  3. This is incredibly stunning in its imagery and depth, Marian!❤️ You are definitely a star! xoxo

  4. What a fashionable way to sport one's shirt of fire ... chick to the end, huh ... I can only guess at that "truth", but for me it's knowing that I will never be free of myself, no matter how much I try with others or the sky. I always wake up back in my own skin. Groundhog Day is my dingdong life, and it began and will end the same -- alone. Even in the "stolen time" which accounts for real true love ... Anyhoo, great response to a great challenge.

  5. A stone pashmina, and free as wild horses in a sundown distance.........your unexpected imagery charts the journey so well. Wonderfully done! And thank you for the years of awesome prompts, kiddo. Shine on!

  6. Stone pashmina...what a way to express the harshness of parting... so great writing.

  7. Sorrow too hard to bare symbolised by a stone pashmina. First loves often do come with shawl attached!

  8. I might not be reading it correctly, but this reminds me of a play I just saw - a woman with children and years of marriage... and her true match, a brief affair, and she had to let him go...

  9. Love how you used ‘off-grid’ which is what so much of what. the West is. I thought of you early this morning as I retrieved our paper ~~ that last red apple is still clinging to a now bare branch. Happy Holidays.


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