Big Deal, It Looks Bleak

I struggle
to muster hopeful words
about joy in resilience
collective concern
and youth action
but I do believe

can see our gifts 
for the burdens they are 
and will demand more
as they know 
rules of society 
are our own making

So let us 
raise a global cheer
that they refuse 
to follow 
the rules
of previous generations

For Sherry’s last prompt in the Imaginary Garden: WILD WOMAN


  1. I struggle to find hopeful words, too, Marian. Thank heaven for the brilliant and aware young minds who are rising up, who see through the outrageous system doing so much damage and will demand a more just world. Thankfully, soon, millions of them can VOTE. (if we can only offer them an un-bugged voting system.) Thanks for adding your voice to the challenge.

  2. Right on, Marian. Generations have lost ours in questioning all that might matter. So many have been lulled and entranced by the sensensational atmosphere created by those in power now.

  3. Kids
    can see our gifts
    for the burdens they are..

    This really hits home.

  4. I see kids breaking down those social norms like it's wet tissue paper and can't help but smile. Go get 'em kids.


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