Slow Down

All these years
I’ve held on to a memory
of being 15 
standing alone in a room
practicing singing
the 59th Street Bridge Song
groovy a cappella
over and over until
I could sing it just right
    whatcha knowin’
but I have no memory
of actually performing it
for anyone
maybe I should take a lesson
and sing it now
as the morningtime drops
all its petals on me
here in my kitchen
for myself

Just One Word in the Imaginary Garden: GROOVY
(With gratitude and apologies to Paul Simon)


  1. I have a YouTube recording of "Feeling Groovy" on my post to your prompt. It was my favorite in 1950, I was a senior on high school.
    I sang it too because then I did not yet that I cannot sing well at all. A church choir director told me that after I auditioned for his choir. But I WILL sing in Heaven.
    Thank you for this nice prompt and for sharing your feelings towards the song. Obvious I hope, that mine does not tell, on its face, is not telling of me.

  2. Why not? Life is too short not to sing your heart’s desire😊

  3. One of my all-time favourites.. I never see the word 'groovy' without hearing this song.

  4. I also heard it (a long time after it was playing...) this is the only use of the word groovy I really knew about...

  5. I've always believed that we are (or can be) our best audience, our most important audience... So, I say to the speaker, "Sing for you!"

  6. Try not to regret anything in life. Fulfill your wishes but always apologise for errors you have made.

  7. Songs are meant to be sung. And as long what comes out pleases you, you ought to sing it as loud as you can!

  8. "for myself". I think that would make kitchen chores all the more fun!


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