Before the hurricane winds,
small voices whirling in--
Day or night? It’s all right.
Whispered window observation:
The sky is orangey.

Orangey sky in the morning--
A warning or your kiss?
Missives, kids and popular songs,
all reflecting on that same sky,
yours now to apply.

Kiss blown to you,
claiming our song for me--
If only to hear you once again:
Bye, bye love.

I’m devastated at the news that Ric Ocasek has passed away. 
Anyone who knows me knows my favorite band is and always 
has been The Cars and Ric Ocasek my favorite poet. Love, fun 
music, and inspiration for a lifetime. Since 1978!

This poem appears in my book SUPERPOWERS or: More Poems About Flying


  1. He was married to some super model as I recall. Stephanie Seymour maybe? Anyway, I liked the Cars, but not as much as you apparently did. I still like to crank them up, though. I have a slew of "80's hits" kind of cds. It's sad when we get news like this.

  2. They sang songs that were the backdrop of our years. We hate to lose them.


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