Blame It On the Beach

The beach was weird
sassy breeze pushing waves
to throw rocks at our shins
rain and lifeguards
clearing the water
because of marine life
All this in bathing suits
never my favorite
but we pranced and played
sat our fine asses in the sand
for waves to wash over
flicked our hair 
    (caught glances)
bleated like goats
pronounced the ocean female
laughed and laughed and laughed
cried hey sister ocean 
here we are
sassy and strong and shining


Music prompt in the Garden: JUICE


  1. Beach beauties, just the girls, hanging with the ocean (also female!) Lol! Boy do they know how to make waves!

  2. Oh, I adore this poem of sass and sisterhood! Going to share in on my FB page.

  3. I LOVE this poem. It is THE BEST. THING. EVER.

  4. A fun poem, Marian. Wet I'm sure when the lifeguard said "Leave). " ... sassy and strong and shining (and tipsy--the guys would be." I was there with you, you hoped I would be, all your readers.
    Thanks for the prompt. Old folk may play your song pick, my semi-pro garage band drummer (he's retired from work now) and group probably would play it for an opener gig. Their singer would sing.

  5. Love it...Living out loud, shining, and being awesome!

  6. hey sister ocean
    here we are
    sassy and strong and shining..

    Love it, my sweet sister!


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