Summer Storm

I can feel the rain coming
before it arrives
a vibration across my forehead
like a sweet hum
increasing darkness
portending storm after a thick day
maple leaves lift and turn
slender branches of burning bush
stalks of monarda 
black-eyed Susan
sway and bend back and forth
a monarch dashes from milkweed
the breeze smells like the ocean
having traveled 200 miles
and the blessed evening rain comes
comforting like a cold cloth
on my forehead

Kim asked the Toads to pen pastoral poems in the Garden


  1. And the smell .. oh, the smell of rain coming. Nothing better! Beautiful poem Marian.

  2. What a delightful poem to read, I enjoyed it immensely.

  3. Nice writing, Marian. Life and rain go on at the beach just like at home. But no waves or beach goings on at home. That rain smell has always reminded me of wet puppy dogs.

  4. My goodness, Marian, you’ve written about last week, when we had two evenings of summer storms, with lightning like strobe lights and incredibly loud thunder – and I felt the rain coming just as you describe it in the opening lines: the ‘vibration… like a sweet hum’, the thick day, the swaying vegetation. And that smell! This poem appeals to all my senses – especially the rain ‘like a cold cloth on my forehead’.

  5. yes! those moments right before the rain falls - just lovely images.

  6. Nice! We can smell the rain coming...and I think the birds and butterflies can too!

  7. “a vibration across my forehead
    like a sweet hum“

    What a perfect description, Marian!


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