Safe and Sound

How far will be the thugs,
the tyrants, the knobby despots
of the demilitarized zone 

when comes the last flash,
the end gale, the gaudy finish
to our gold-plated tyranny?

Far enough, but we’ll be right here.

From this morning’s news for Bjorn in the Garden.


  1. Yes, they think their wealth will protect them and dont care a whit for the rest of us. They are a grisly bunch.

  2. Oh yes... I feel politics is like tightrope walking with a nose around your neck.

  3. You are sooo right on, Marian. Then not still being right here, but back us, those with fixed incomes, up for inflation. THEN, back all of us back up again for the added costs of bullying, tariffs and walls and what else I can't keep track of, voila(!), more behind still. That's financially, economically. Frankly, I might move physically to Shangril la.

  4. A sad state indeed...with a lot of politicizing of simple and yet important questions. We'll be right here, indeed.

  5. A most effective sevenling, Marian. The second stanza is chilling in its intensity, and the final line, the perfect parting shot.


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