Behind Blue

seems useless
musing on blue
when moon and rain
bend the riverway
as she sways
I have mused
on these truths

Now tree
swallows riot
rose bramble
behind fences

And so it seems
out of tune
to go on musing
blue moon truths
the riverway as
she bends and sways
and rain and rain
and rain

For Margaret’s COLOR prompt in the Imaginary Garden


  1. This is so very lovely! Margaret's list gave rise to many wonderful pieces, but I love the blend of tranquility and melancholy in this one.

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous, Marian!! *Swoooon*❤️

  3. I really felt the rain in the end... not really right as rain, so absolutely heavy

  4. There is a lot of swaying and moving and musing here but I am mostly mystified by all the rain in the end. Such a melodious song! :-)

  5. The bramble roses behind the fence - they do ensnare one so, do they?

  6. I got a hint of Joni Mitchell from this beautiful poem, Marian. I love the idea of moon and rain bending the riverway, and those rioting tree swallows. I’ve always thought of blue in a minor chord and definitely rainy.

  7. I adore this - it sets the right pace, the right tone. It's kind of a muttering, a bit tipsyish of a poem... and the sounds of rain keep on echoing. Love it.

  8. I can imagine the author staring out the window on rainy day and musing on the way the trees and bushes behave when having a bath!


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