And Then Someone Brings Up The Dreaded Real World

All of this is fragile
smoky sunset
evening coffee
maple leaves in soft breeze
song of whip-poor-will
this delicious feeling

If I look up
the greensuckle sky
floats a warning--

Comfort is fleeting
satisfaction a momentary
result of imagination

Soon enough
lucidity rushes in
to fill the space
between clouds and skull
rendering downtime dreams
impractical again

From Fireblossom’s Word List: GREEN, MOMENTARY, LUCID, RENDERING


  1. Impractical perhaps, but absolutely necessary. I think your poem is the best of all of them for this challenge, Marian--not including Toni's cos she wrote about my dog and that makes me biased! I especially liked "smoky sunset".

    1. Haha, I really like the doggo language, super clever.
      Thank you... I did not try to use the more difficult words from your list, though :)
      Our sunsets were smoky here a couple weeks ago, with literal smoke from some wildfires in Canada wending its way over us

  2. greensuckle wins:) This was a marvelous 'rendering' (my improper use of word) of a skillful weaving of words

  3. I love this, and especially relate to looking at the beauty and observing how fragile it all is. I especially love the "greensuckle sky". Wonderful!

  4. How sad that downtime daydreams are impractical.. everything is so demanding of a response all the time. i love your greensuckle sky, and this moment of breathing space.

  5. I really love the dreaming (which sounds like an evening due to the whip-poor-will) ... sometimes the lucid part of reality is a real downer.

  6. Green-suckle is awesome. Reality has to slip in though ...

  7. Somehow lucidity always rushes in. Love this, Marian!


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