Park Street Pastoral

Walk through town
to a shady bench along the bike path
next to a drinking fountain
and an always-filled dog water bowl
across the way from the bagel place
and the fire station
and an honest-to-god picket fence
the whole scene is amazingly idyllic
down to a greying man strolling by
transistor radio in his pants pocket
blaring The Sound of Silence

Sharing on the Tuesday Platform in the Imaginary Garden


  1. Oh Marian, such a contented scene you've painted. All is right. It made me wonder again now that its hot, should I water the rabbits that always seem to be present in our back yard. Does anyone provide? Then too just yesterday I put batteries in the two pocket transistor radios I found. Neither would play.
    Its early morning here, I'll try for more sleeo.

  2. LOL, that ending tho'. I have to wonder if he was aware of the irony or was the older man trying to emulate hipster culture. 😆

    Either way there's still something comforting about the town "regulars" enjoying themselves in their own idiosyncratic ways. While not idyllic, they are small reminders that life, in all it's weirdness, goes on.

  3. A really fine piece, this one; even though we (ie the greying oldies) know (and avail ourselves of) the value of earbuds.

    Nonetheless, greatly enjoyed reading.

  4. Wowww you paint such a vivid scene, Marian. I can picture the greying man strolling by clearly!

  5. I like the irony of the old grey man blaring the sound of silence on his transistor...a big splat on the idyllic scene. Enjoyed this one.

  6. I can see it (and hear it) so clearly, especially the old man and his radio. And the water bowl, of course... singing of well-loved pups.

  7. It all sounds so idyllic and current except the transistor radio and the song. Thanks for playing that scene.

  8. What I'd give to see again someone walking by with a boom box pasted to his ear and the music blaring from that instead of all the people with their noses buried in their phones! Yes, it's the sound of silence now, the silence due to the vacuum inside our heads. Space--the final frontier! Nicely done!

  9. I could hear this in my head. The days when people blasted each other with boom boxes is long gone.

  10. This is a place I would love to visit, Marian! I think I might even sing along to The Sound of Silence.

  11. How I loved that song when it came out....when I was a teenager picket fences made me cry on the way to school, so badly did I long for a real home. Loved this scene you painted, kiddo.

  12. You paint a lovely picture Marian!


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