Nearing the End

comforting about
a petty argument
at the end of the world
it’s familiar after all
and we possess the tools
to navigate this
So let’s kiss now and make
impending-apocalypse love
the super-presenting loss
of individual autonomy
that faced together becomes
our superpower

A non-ironic poem for Magaly’s weekend challenge: POETIC IRONY


  1. Now I have a mental picture of your speaker (and her friends) starting to sing Kumbaya as the world explodes (while Wednesday Adams shakes with a severe case of the creeps).

  2. It will end in one way or another...

  3. I'm the one who always hopes for that 11th hour miracle. But any group that does want to make a stand (an actual effective one, not for show) really does need to get the petty arguments out of the way, and if not come together in a group love session, at least finally realize that they are far stronger together. Without that unity of purpose, we may as well be screwing around when the world finally does decide it's had enough of its human infestation.

  4. Impending-apocalypse love.......a kind I havent tried. Sigh. We are so screwed, arent we? Your children's beautiful faces rise before me, as I contemplate the future.

  5. You can't ignore the state of the world . . . and you can't live with it.

  6. An impending apocalyse love.. I guess it's only fair considering the circumstances. Powerful write, Marian!!❤️

  7. Marian, you make readers think. World's end, desperation or calmness?

    If I would make a wish
    That never will come true
    My life could end minutes
    After screaming world's end
    Watch and enjoy the sights

  8. Hey, why not? Nothing says one can't pick daisies from the garden while the house burns down.

  9. Really a delicious poem... well done!


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