None of This Is Mine, It Is All Yours

Sometimes I am deep
in the loss of holding hands
while we cross the street
and missing your sweaty head
on my arm
in my bed
at night

Now I sleep while you write
in the most delicious
role reversal I can imagine
and I am a supporting character
in the story
to plot

Happy 13th Birthday to my daughter Anne
with all the love now and forever
xoxo Mama

#NaPoWriMo Day 11!
Skylover Word List: MUSE


  1. Oh Anne is thirteen. Wow. Yes, we miss the sweaty hands and heads..........but they are still close by, walking beside you.......and they are so wonderful! I love that she writes and am not one bit surprised.

    1. She's writing a novel and a manga series among other things!
      Sherry, I can't believe how grown she is. She still hugs me occasionally. :)


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