completed work
on my most comfortable
nest with a view

Decorated with photos
of us in happy times
enjoyed a good night’s sleep
since I don’t know how long

But as I discovered
that someone stole my ladder
now I’m thinking
on whether to stay here

Or to burn the damn tree down

#NaPoWriMo Day 19!
For Kerry’s prompt in the Garden: MY OWN MUSE


  1. Reading this a second time, I think about how comfortable the nest becomes and how, sometimes we forget to fly.

  2. I read it differently than our dear Kerry did. To me, it's about whether to finally make peace with a finished relationship and let it go, or to stay in the moment when things reconcile. One can't really stay there, of course...but it's a necessary and kind of wonderful way station. At least, so I read.

  3. This is wonderfully evocative, Marian!❤️ Reminds me we should never take anything for granted.

  4. I feel that sometimes we might overstay a nest.... the comfort of a nest may only bring bedsores in the end.

  5. .... Sometimes one desires to just

  6. Burn, baby burn. Who needs a nest anyway, let freedom ring!!!! This to me had a frustrated tone, but not with anything in the nest, more of a big picture frustration.

  7. I like the way birds shove their fledglings out, not giving them the optiin to choose. Best way to do it.

  8. My first impulse was to say, 'Burn it, yes!' But no, on second thoughts that's a bit drastic. Sometimes it's nice to nest, only we mustn't stay there so long as to stagnate. So perhaps you need to climb down out of the tree – or even jump? The Muse can be variable, perhaps? Domestic life and family joys can warm the heart; the tiny details to be cherished – but sometimes we need to be wild and daring, venturing out to explore. And then again, maybe sometimes we do need to burn the damn tree. (Don't self-immolate; be phoenix.)

  9. I have moved my nest because so much togetherness has put a dent in my alone in my mind time. I now write in a cluttered corner, but it seems to be working.

  10. I like the cozy nest, myself, with its beautiful view, and photos of happy times........I might even be suspected of knocking the ladder over, to limit access. But I have always been a solitary bird.

  11. Burnin’ the daned tree might be exrreme¡,

  12. Sometimes we nest too long. Beautiful, Marian.


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