In Which I Admit to Lacking Faith in Human Ability

In this virulent season
flowers might confess
to a resistant case
of imposter syndrome
and take back their blooms

Birds might
simply refuse to sing
trees could just give up
say fuck it all
they prefer bare and grey

Wonder whether we humans
could pick up the slack
for color and fresh air
song and altitude
in this spring confessional

#NaPoWriMo Day 14!
Skylover’s Word List: CONFESS


  1. It is a wonder that the rest of the world does not just give up on humans ever trying to be better!

  2. I am head over heels in love with this poem, fiery in its tone and depiction of the state of things. That first stanza is poetic gold!❤️

  3. Brandishing your weapon here babyluv, I get sick to death of our inability to just be human at times. I for one would like to be better, do better. There are those that do not care whatsoever. Great social comment, I loved it!!!

  4. I love this "spring confessional" — the scathing tone is perfect!

  5. OH! MY! GOODNESS! I adore this. Especially love the trees saying fuck it all, as I watch old growth beauties being felled left and right as the planet heats up. Sing it, girl!

  6. Humans are earth's plague. It appears Mother Nature is trying to rid herself of us.

  7. Excellent poem!The things is, Marian, Nature looks after all her children, including the ones who destroy the garden and have terrible tantrums when they’re warned. I wouldn’t blame her other children if they stopped sharing their blossoms and songs. Humans wouldn’t have any ideas of their own if they didn’t have the rest of nature to inspire them.

  8. We humans can't even save an 800-year old redwood.

  9. We would be utterly alone in the end... but there are always those who only need their mirror to thrive.


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