Substance earned you this
and mine, lingering weak
You’d stop me with a kiss
before I think to speak--

Now counting empty days
till we two kiss again
Bosomed in my domain
I pen this verse for you--

The kiss by Clarence H. White (1904)

#NaPoWriMo Day 28!
For Margaret’s photo prompt in the Garden
And Skylover’s Word List: SUBSTANCE

With a suggestion that all of you Gentle Readers
find a way to see this new film about Emily Dickinson
that--no exaggeration--has changed my life.
For the better! Wild Nights With Emily


  1. Our Em--she lives. Never doubt it, and she's pissed about being misrepresented! ;-) This poem is exactly what a short poem should be--affecting, open to interpretation, concise and uncluttered. Lovely stuff, M.

  2. Thank you, will definitely try and see that. And the poem is wonderfully Dickinsonian.

  3. Lovely! I will see the film...Thank you!

  4. Oh... this is just the kind of secrets that I expect to be found... the film sounds wonderful

  5. Such a wonderful interpretation of the artwork, Marian!❤️

  6. I love this image - I think it must have been a bit scandalous at the time ... I might watch the movie this afternoon as I'm feeling a bit lazy... last day of "spring break".

    1. Oh.. it's out in theatres now... probably not at our small town cinema though :(

  7. Thank you for the nod to the film about Emily Dickinson – I didn’t know there was one, Marian. Your poem echoes with her spirit.

  8. Yes, let Emily speak..Thank you for the poem and telling us about the movie.

  9. I love the poem and CANT WAIT to see the film.

  10. Can't wait to see the film. I know several years ago, a female professor came out with this interpretation of Emily. My best friend, a lesbian, was ago when I told her. I think it is way cool. As is your poem. Short, sweet, and full of brass

  11. Wonderful, Marian. I did not know about the film, so thank you for that!


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