Can't Shake Hard Times

Hard times
gotcha by the collar
right up in your face
with its sour breath
and spittle

Hard times
pours from the sky
like it’s never rained before
floods your basement
with its guttural gulps

Seems like hard times
is counting your mistakes
then multiplying
by a factor of 4
some days 400

What to do with hard times
but eat them for breakfast
lunch and dinner
as hard times is all
you can afford anyway

#NaPoWriMo Day 23!
Kind of a horror in daylight? Sanaa? Tuesday Platform
Skylover’s Word List: SHAKE


  1. No doubt hard times are nothing short of horrific with getting through hurdles and challenges everyday and what not. Thank you so much for writing to the prompt, Marian!!❤️

  2. Hard times and their sour breath, definitely horrific

  3. Like it, Marian. I can relate to water in the basement, literally. My cousin had it, we didn't have a basement but got 33 inches inside the house, first floor. This was on he vein of Bob Dylan's "Hard Times", do you remember it?

  4. Real life can be horror to those who have them. Good write.

  5. I enjoyed reading this. The repetition and the conclusion are effective.

  6. I agree, hard times can be horrendous, but the sour breath and spittle is a real nightmare, Marian!

  7. Hard times certainly multiply at times — it is so well thought. The last stanza speaks of the burden effectively.

  8. Hard times breed faster than rabbits

  9. Wow, love the authenticity of voice and message. Beautifully captured.

  10. Love the personification of hard times. They are like a person or ghost, come to haunt you. Well done.


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