but there’s no one here
who can address your question
no one here is taking complaints
now or for the foreseeable future
for your expense and trouble
in travelling all this way
as no one here is taking complaints
and that scurrying is certainly not
the sound of anyone hiding from you
we are not at home
feel free to leave your number
but don’t expect a call from us
as we are not taking complaints
and have nothing to say
even though we were expecting you

The Temple by Tomasz Zaczeniuk
used with permission
@fotowizjer on Instagram

For Kerry’s Art Flash prompt in the Imaginary Garden
featuring the work of Tomasz Zaczeniuk


  1. Complaining to a wall feels quite familiar.

  2. Your poem really speaks to the disassociation of the times in which we live. The whole concept of Love Thy Neighbour is becoming an anachronism. I really love the angle on the picture you have presented.

  3. Wow! I love your take on this. Humanity turning inward.

  4. No one will answer...sad but true. Looking out for others seems to have gone the way of the dodo

  5. Smiling here, Marian. :)
    Really, it sounds like G O O G L E to me, I think they are downsizing.

  6. Some people are equivalent to a wall.. no matter how much we try to reach out to them on an emotional level they continue to remain deaf. Powerful write, Marian.

  7. Take your complaints to the wall where we will hear but not listen. Hear but not interact. It is rather like talking on the phone to a computer. Or Facebook when they won't answer why a poem is considered spam. :)

  8. This is quite clever and witty, and at the same time frustrating for tge truth it touvhes do accutely upon with regard to our society. It made me lsugh snd grimmace. Well written RS. I went dark with mine.


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