One stubborn apple
frozen to a branch
of the lone wizened tree
in a clover meadow browned
fractalled under frost cover

-- this path slants romance --

Hazed-vantage horizon
painted from a dirt road
of an almost forgotten
cheap & ramshackle adventure
in may-as-well-be solitude

Playing with PUENTE in the Imaginary Garden


  1. What i love most about your poem is that it comes WITHOUT a picture, because it doesn't need one - you have created the image in my mind so vividly. Also love the assonance throughout.. you really worked the a's.

  2. A really amazing piece and wow I learnt a new word too!

  3. That apple, in her stubbornness (no idea why the apple is female in my head) looks so red and powerful to my mind's eye. And the scent of the tree fills the senses, fighting the frost...

  4. The last apple, frozen to the branch. A wonderful image. Our apple tree has been made bare by deer, squirrels and birds. The second stanza works really well..

  5. That is one fiery apple!❤️ I can sense its defiance as it struggles to hold on ignoring every aspect of the threatening frost.

  6. I love that last stubborn apple (sounds like me, clinmging to life, lol)........and th contrast of first and last stanzas, so ably bridged. Wonderful. Your example at the promot is spectacular, also, you inspired me to try my first puente.

  7. Beautifully described – and well-titled too, with the sense throughout of waiting for something dramatic to happen.

  8. Yes, you paint the picture vividly with words. Goodness, I struggled writing one poem of this form and you have given us to amazing ones with this challenge.

  9. deliciously descriptive and the words are crisp - it is fun to read aloud.

  10. Began to read and did a double take - I have one wizened red apple clinging to the tree in front of our townhome! Loved this, Marian.

  11. Love it, Msrian. But I won't tell. When I reached the end I had lost track of your transfer line but looking at it and rereading the first stanza in the meadow I realized this was an ULTRA "almost forgotten cheap & ramshackle adventure." I hope there was a 'green blank' saved for these occasions.
    .. :-)

  12. seems like that second stanza is from memory, Marian... and not quite so forgotten as you make out :)

    and - hey there ! ~


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