I think I was about 9 or 10
and it had been a very bad year
with the retching death of my always
and favorite cat Sunshine named
during my John Denver phase who
lived freely and ran like a cat
with his tail on fire until ingesting
rat poison at the lumber mill out back
the yard and it was decided that cats
were too much risk of heartbreak
for a young cat-girl to bear so
I was alone
until one day the VW trundled along
country roads apparently directionless
pulled into the driveway of an unfamiliar
house and I was admonished to head
right up there into the garage where
a surprise awaited and sure enough
here tumbled a fluffy puppy all tongue
and tail with the stubbiest legs
for jumping a white stripe up her nose
to her brow I named her Jinx and loved
that day and that dog until well forever

A joyful childhood memory for Magaly in the Garden