Maybe It's Just Me

settled in my chest
flutters like a bird
struggling to get out

It could be me
but I think you know
this fluttering
inside of you too

It could just be me
but maybe
this is how we are bound
in the post-world

When the bird
of despair
catches in our throats
let’s struggle together

I hope it’s not just me

Giving thanks with love poems in the Imaginary Garden


  1. Together makes the struggle easier ... Happy weekend.

  2. Surprise, 'Not all my life is roses and sweet sticky stuff, there are some really tough days, thistles, sour liquids, and worse. Not all goes away. But if you're having the times too, can we think about us being honest and sharing for comfort.' That's what I read, similar to wedding vow's for better or for worse part.

  3. The notion of despair being a caged bird is great.
    (I always return to Maya when I hear a bird)... maybe being shared is the best part, but if the cage is the other person, i have to think about Sting: "If you love somebody set them free"...

    But still the caged bird sings...

  4. It isn't just you. How are we to survive it? Your poem captures that perfectly--by hoping that others too are struggling with what's caught in our craws. Thanks, Marion. And thanks for your FB presence. All best, k.

  5. I have a knack of setting trapped birds free.

  6. This poem is the truth. I love the way you crafted it, but more than that, it is the truth.

    It's not just you. I'm glad you wrote this. Keep writing, and I'll keep writing, and we'll all struggle together.


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