The Eleventh Hour

One of my poems appears in this gorgeous volume, Silkworm 11: The Eleventh Hour. Silkworm is the annual review of my beloved Florence Poets Society. I am so proud of this book and our group, the members of which I am endlessly grateful to and inspired by, wonderful poets, each and every one. Here’s my poem from Silkworm 11
 “Just a Few Small Things I Like”
I like the way
you open windows
in any kind of weather
as if to say hello morning air
thank you for visiting

I like the way
your fingers
navigate a messy ponytail
on weekday evenings
when you let your hair down

I like the way
you say you love me
even when you’re pissed off


  1. This was enjoyable to read...but the last stanza made me tear up a bit. I must be getting soppy in my old age! And congratulations on being part of the book!

  2. Congratulations, Marian. You have a lovely entry.
    Don't we all wish to be told this. True love.

  3. The little things that matter!!! Congratulations.

  4. I like the way this poem shook out its own hair. Made me feel at home. Congrats on the publication ...

  5. A nice read. And congratulations!!

    Pat R


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