The Building Shakes When Trains Go By

It’s hard to understand
dreams from which screaming
I must be shaken awake
but have no memory

And what about
this waking nightmare
we are all walking alongside
in broad daylight

The nights are getting longer
as horrors grow bolder
lying outright
under penalty of perjury

Shakily I wonder
when the trains start running


  1. Marian, if this were my life I'd move if possible. I like the thought of the nights getting longer. I know your writer was hoping they would never grow so long that there would be no day, i.e. reach the point of insanity.

  2. It took me a second to get all of the symbolism implied in the word "trains". Then I shook too. Then I wanted to rage and fight back.

  3. Oh, this is so potent in its fear and rage — the nights getting longer and horrors getting bolder put everything on edge, awaiting for "when the trains start running".

  4. That was one thing said about the Nazis, they could get and keep the trains running...full of people. And with this SCOTUS judge nominee...it is enough to make you frightened to sleep.

  5. This has all the strength of fear of what's building...
    and trains is such a strong symbol.

    Reminds me of "First they came..." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_they_came_...

  6. there is simply no room for human error in judgment anymore, because clearly - all bets are off, the lines once more clearly defined as "insane" have been pushed back and adjusted until stretched thin - so much so, they are now ghost paint on asphalt - and the edge is a yawing mouth

    these are extremely frightening times in our history - it seems we do not learn and are beyond slow to change


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