Skulks Amongst Us

Skulks have claimed this land of ours,
infiltrating amongst us so we cannot see
them tracking our pain to its anxious end,

as though there ever whiffed an end
to the gaudy display of our
collective skulkishness. When all we see

is today, not tomorrow, we refuse to see
the consequences of our anxiety, ending
as it will when we skulks celebrate our

pain. It will be our loss to see in the end.

Trying TRITINA in the Imaginary Garden!


  1. I'm not following that last line. is there a word missing or am I not comprehending?

    Skulkishness. That's prize-winning. Beware all skulks.

  2. Yikes. It will be, it will BE. Thanks for letting me know so I could fix.

  3. The skulks are eating the land...

  4. Skulks, trolls, whatever we call them, we need to stop feeding them. Your poem is well-crafted and the message is felt.

  5. we are being watched on the internet - the skulking - the advertisers and the political parties - FB itself - even my iPhone will prompt me with stuff. That is one thread of thought this poem brings to my mind. Also... that today can be blinding - when we don't think of tomorrow or REMEMBER the past properly. Our loss indeed.

  6. I like this, Marian. Skulks, the verb, I knew. But not the noun. I am waiting to see Sherry's comment, as the skulks were originally foxes, sly and sneaky. (I won't bore you with my fox story.) I note that in the third verse your writer has joined the skulk population, it was 'them' in the beginning, now "we skulks." I may be a skulk, I resist. Are you?

  7. An interesting word, skulks, which I hope to use myself in the future. It's so expressive and I love the way it developed into 'collective skulkishness'!

  8. Yes, too many skulkers around, and scowlers too.. I love how you constructed two long sentences, and the conclusion really resounds.

  9. skulkers, skulduggery, skulls on the move: what we all see and don't want to ~

  10. The skulks are ensuring our long lasting loss, pain and regret.

  11. Skulk always had the definition to me of being sneaky and spying...skulking around. They are mos def out there!

  12. The skulks continue their march toward destruction.