Might As Well Jump

Almost arrogantly tall, striding light
but unaware
that epic height offers no protection,
fly without care
as those with power to envelop you
come from nowhere--
If martyrdom awaits, better to soar,
rage your warning to tomorrow’s tall child--

Forms in the Imaginary Garden: CAVATINA


  1. Precisely 💞 sometimes its better to take a chance than to be left wondering. Beautifully done, Marian!💞

  2. Why do I now have Van Halen stuck in my head? ;-)

  3. "If martyrdom awaits, better to soar." Indeed. Wonderful, Marian.

  4. You did well, Marian. The bully will pay in the end. I came to see what the Master of Forms had written, she didn't disappoint. Somehow mine was fourteen lines, 12 and 2. I enjoyed the mechanics, I'll leave the true poetry for you guys.

  5. Well it looks as though are forms do vary considerably. But does that matter it is the content that is important...as it is to soar while we have the chance. Better that than rue our ineptitude.

  6. those with power to envelop you
    come from nowhere

    That is certainly true.. for better or worse.

  7. Always take that chance to soar. Good one, Marian!

  8. martyrdom so elegantly described.. lovely it!


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