Mostly Uncomfortable

I want
to wear a t-shirt
with your face on the front
and stride
all bold and pushy
toward the light

It would be like me
to find my footing
and set out
seeking the Big Revelation
only to learn it’s contained
in specks of dust
floating by my window


  1. oh, wow - I just love this - it's so amazing, the tone, the voice, the almost "punchy drunk" feeling I get reading this - the feel of "striding all bold and pushy" ... such amazing lines - each stanza - perfect - and then the sort of "crest-fall" - yeah, specks of dust ....

    this leaves me feeling both dancing and dizzy, like motes of light and dust - how refreshing is this? Amazing!

    1. Awwww, too kind, Pat. Thank you! I like this too, it came in a rush and was inspired by wanting a rock-n-roll t-shirt from a favorite woman-fronted band, combined with how I am feeling these days, and the light, and the dust reflected therein. :)

      Thank you for coming by and leaving such lovely thoughts here. xo

  2. Play your old Janice Joplin, back in my day she could do no wrong, even with the drugs. Last night we listened to an hour of Emmylou Harris. Wikipedia has a list of 200 contemporary female singers. Beyonce is a local Houston singer.

  3. The second stanza speaks to me, sister!

  4. I absolutely love this!💞 Often poems that come out in a rush hold the most powerful of emotions.

  5. I think I know that feeling... the dust is the best place to look, and here we are gazing at the stars.

  6. I love it. I need to put on my Wyrd Sisters albums right now!

  7. I love the last stanza, what it says about searching... and discovery.

  8. Lovely.. this resonates...deeply!


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