There’s lettuce in my coffee
as I navigate a volume
of produce from this week’s share
seven pounds to be exact

In a break from chopping kale
I learn that Donald Hall has died

Guess it’s not so surprising
I just then had been thinking
about what aging feels like
in the extremities to be exact

So let me raise this cucumber
to farms and poets and living


  1. Here's to you, friend, and here's to me... still living.

  2. Ageing is awful.You feel young and gorgeous and the mirror lies to you:)
    To poets with a Pimms (laced with cucumber peel.)

  3. Oh this is so poignant!💞 You're beautiful and still have a long and content life ahead with those who love you.. me included!💞

  4. Salud! from my knowing limbs to your raised cucumber, to coffee-birthing farms, and poets that breathe all of it in.

  5. LOL! Awesome! To summer!!! (Raising my 3rd cuppa coffee!) xo

  6. I raise a cucumber too, to all things living and poetry. :-)

  7. Loved this on facebook, and love it still.

  8. Love this... and love the summer produce.
    Though kale I save for winter.

  9. I too save kale for winter and not very often - I prefer collards and turnip greens. I like this salute to Donald Hall. I read he had died and gave a sigh. Here's to the farms and the people that do the farming and the poets who love them.

  10. Raising my cucumber with you Marian!!

  11. Donald Hall truly could bring the rural even into the most urbane of lives -- I'll baton a carrot for him too. I'll never forget his collection "The One Day" with that feral inset of a confessional, "Shrubs Burned Away." He had not problem with the stink of manure on the farm.

  12. We've been in a farmer's market coop, Marian. We ate good, healthy good. Most times since there were only three of us then we shared a share with another couple. The coop had twelve shares, we tried to buy in multiples of twelve.
    You covered the situation well. "lettuce everywhere."

    1. Or if you're gardenin you'll need a bit of luck. I have thee potatoes cut up ending wit 14 pieces, each with an eye, slightly sprouted. Would you plant two per hill?