am true
     -est sky-ish
when I’m with you
Wish I could think to pink
     your blue

Tetractys in the Imaginary Garden!


  1. A most clever poem, Marian! Great challenge too.

  2. I love the shape and use of colour, Marian, and the subtle use of rhyme.

  3. Oooh! I like the layout.. reminds me of dandelion seeds on the wind.

  4. this is great Marian - I like how you've played with the form within the form itself - added some energy and movement to the visual .... which is unexpected and rather, well, I really like it! wow - a little treasure in the fields here .... I see wildflowers in my head as light and free and glorious, and then my head just wanders happily off to other possible meanings ...

    lovely ....

    and just because comment notification is all wonky at the moment ~ always a pleasure to stop by and read your words. And I totally get the "dry well spell" and not being around as much etc. Never any need to apologize or feel encumbered by time constraints or the need to be doing other things too.

  5. Playful and clever at the same time *smiles* :-)


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