1976 El Camino

The odometer
when I left for work
on your birthday
read 44444
which gave me pause
as after all
we are a family of four
and we woke on your day
in our four-poster

Maybe this number
represents a window
into our world
or yours
or the pedestal I put you on
or the box you keep me in
or the highest-flying
diamond kite
no keys

I passed an El Camino
on the highway
and flashed on our getaway
flying in style
enameled tinge of guilt
because as you know
it’s a two-seater
there was room only for you
and me


  1. I know date nights (let alone get-aways) involved a lot of planning when my kids were little, and no small amount of guilt. But it's always good to get out of those day to day roles, and just be two people out together.

  2. So much to absorb in these three stanzas, Marian. The second is quite a remarkable bridge to the third, and excellent conclusion too.

  3. I love this, as I take such delight in watching your wonderful family of four thriving.

  4. So written like a poem but really cute with the two seater in a family way. That is one reason my car is a Mustang, though narrow on leg space it carries four. And it is a Ford Convertible.

    1. My Mustangs are a 1998 GT Convertible and a 1974 Mustang II Ghia Sedan with a sunroof and a stick shifted V6, formerly my Mom's car.

  5. These are 3 really interesting stanzas - and I'm struck so forcibly by the middle one - it speaks in a slightly different tone, voice feel - even as each word is so carefully chosen, but this poem does paint such an interesting picture - the idea of freedom and get-aways - which, well, get away - from, moving to, moving on, the unexpected or the planned?
    this is rich for the painted pictures .... but oh, there is still a bite here - enameled tinge of guilt -
    sometimes life is bittersweet in many different ways ....

  6. Love how the ordinary things of a day turns extraordinary with the thoughts of what a special day means... to move from the four into two... everyone needs that special time together

  7. I love the fours in this. I also love the getting away from family, as much as you love them.

  8. it’s a two-seater
    there was room only for you
    and me

    It is a great car, a two-seater sports, a dream of many. If it does not meet the '4' assertion it can be forgiven!


  9. Love the thoughts and dreams in this Marian!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts!