Along the Mohawk Trail

I wish I could show you
what I saw today--
a modest and orderly orchard,
trees planted like gravestones
on a lazy slope
behind a roadside apple stand,
perfect spring blossoms
glistening in the stately slant
of dinnertime sun
as if to say here’s how to stand
when it’s your turn to go
to seed

edited by Jane Yolen and published by Straw Dog Writers Guild.


  1. What a brilliant closing - it's rather an expected slant - certainly speaks of both elegance and grace in the moment, and yet, I feel like it's a bit mocking too .... as if pointing out how we are so often nothing compared to the stately grace of nature in its own reserve. I really like the eloquence of this poem.

  2. as if to say here’s how to stand
    when it’s your turn to go

    'Time to go' can come with a lot of hints!


  3. Thank you both... I like how this poem turned out and people who live near here might even be able to visualize it while reading! :)

    1. I could visualize it very clearly - so definitely a wonderful transcription! And revisiting this again, I'm still very impressed and moved by the beauty, power and truth in these words Marian - well done, and kudos, again. 😁


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