Too Many Slides

I’ve been invited
to describe myself
in a five-minute presentation
PowerPoint optional
or in a four-letter initialism
(ENFP of course)
or in a few lines of verse
for each of my many sides

Today is only
the fourth day of April
National Poetry Month
and I regret to inform you
that given the above realities
this not-very-subtle reflection
will have to substitute
for metaphor

Not sure this is responsive to Brendan’s Transformations prompt in the Imaginary Garden, but I think (hope!) maybe in April the rules are loosened up a bit.


  1. Lord, only the fourth and already we are working so hard. LOL. I loved this poem, especially "I regret to inform you".........

  2. Ha! Ha!
    Take a bow while I blow you a kiss.

  3. Powerpoints make me crumble....

  4. Do they have Powerpoint in Hades? Can't wait to see "This Was Your Life!" Take a breath, dear, and charge on to the next daily challenge. You have far more guts than I.

  5. Take a deep breath .. while I send you hugs and kisses!💞 Beautiful poem, Marian.

  6. I love this! This is like those Avery labels that say "Hi, my name is ...." - wickedly delicious sense of humour here!


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