Slow Down

     Eight years
     meanders like riverbends
     then soars
     ever cloudward
     peeking shoulderwise

     Everyone blinks how
     we arrived at this place
     damply imagining
     what lofty follies might follow
     at such heights

The Runaway Sentence is eight years old today! Happy Birthday, Girl!

Sharing on the Tuesday Platform in the Imaginary Garden, where many friends are writing a poem each day in April to celebrate poetry month. I’ve been a little sad about not being up to the challenge this year, finding my time spent almost entirely in the work and family realms. But that’s okay. My kids are growing up fast, like this here little blog. Time flies even when it crawls.


  1. Also, friends. Blogger is really, really not working for me anymore. It took me so long to format this post, and it still does not look right. I had to edit every line in the html. I don't know what to do. *sob*

    1. Write your poem in a word document with your spacing. Copy and paste into HTML view, then CUT it and repaste into compose view. The spacing will be 100%. That is the way I set up all my posts.

  2. Great poem, congrats and maybe migrate your work to wordpress.com.

  3. Happy Birthday... or anniversary! I agree with both of Mosk's sentiments - great poem, and maybe take a peek at wordpress.

  4. Gorgeous writing!💜 Happy Blog Birthday, Marian. You rock!💜

  5. I remember when she was just a toddler...even then she stood on her own...and stood for something.

  6. Happy Blogosversary! Excellent poem. Maybe Wordpress? I find it easy to use.

  7. Happy blog birthday, well done. I.ike your poem, especially the line
    “Everyone blinks how we arrived at this place” indeed we do :-)

  8. Happy Blog birthday .... and I hope you can figure out the "techie crap" that is plaguing you. Nothing sucks more than wrestling with all kinds of garbage when you just want to straight-up post.

  9. I have blinked many times and wondered...but as I move along the age scale not so much :)

  10. "Time flies even when it crawls" – I do love that! And the poem is lovely.

    My personal opinion is that Wordpress is for geeks and not for me. I have tried it a few times over the years and almost immediately have run away screaming, every time. But I know what you mean about Blogger. When it finally became impossible for me on my old poetry blog, my solution was to change to one of their newer themes (templates, whatever) and that worked – though I had to get used to the very different style. I keep the old one as an archive, too creaky now to keep using with ease but still very readable.

  11. The time blogging does go fast. Happy birthday runaway sentence and Marian!

  12. Congrats and happy birthday runaway sentence, Marian. Just being around is ok not necessarily posting every time!


  13. Happy Birthday.Eight years gone in a flash.

  14. I think I have been blogging with you since then, sister poet. I has been a privilege to follow runaway sentence all these years.

  15. Happy eighth birthday! I love the meandering riverbends, Marian, but the thought of soaring 'every cloudward / peeking shoulderwise' has given me vertigo!


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