Second Sight

I’d like to see you
in the first light
in the last light
in the dim light
washed in sunlight

We can try to
turn back the hour hand
turn back this month’s page
turn into someone else’s
sit in the back seat

Let’s try to make it
all go away
make it magnificent
make it to Friday
make it to second base
if we can make it home

So much I want to
see you brand new
want to see you as though
even with all we know
I know that I’d choose
old you in the new-now

Day two! For Karin’s April SECOND prompt in the Imaginary Garden.


  1. Wonderful, Marian. I want to make it to Friday too, and believe life can still be brand new.

  2. This is beautiful!💜 We long to embrace every side of the person we love (both the old and new) as we set forth to embark upon a new dawn.💜

  3. ~sigh~ I have felt just like that, before.

  4. Beautiful. And you are a lucky girl!

  5. I enjoyed this so much; love moving, growing, changing, remaining, I moved through all of this as I read your words,,

  6. Luv the call to "make it to Friday". In for a long haul in the relationship. Great perspective

    much love...

  7. Lovely write ! Especially the closing lines :
    "I know that I’d choose
    old you in the new-now"
    - Wonderful.

  8. This is just perfect, Marian. Wish I'd written this.

  9. I enjoyed reading your poem, Second Sight!

  10. needs more than a second reading to appreciate your superb poem
    "turn into someone else’s
    sit in the back seat"

  11. I know this feeling so well. A second reading brings to light even more than the first.

  12. pretending
    washed in sunlight

    - just reading down, just feeling the beat of the pace of the words, and it's so much like a scream (mine) in absolute joy and frustration for the longing (but in all good ways, mine I mean) - so layered in its simplicity - an onion. Holy smokes, an onion (that's a compliment, by the way - at least, that's my intention)

    I'm just washing myself in the sheer power of this.

  13. Everybody's workin for the weekend... A yearning for time, place, person...I feel it.

  14. Do-overs, be silly for a day but at the end, don't worry, I'll be rhe same I'd you still are. A fun read, Marian, here and on FB.

  15. Hey Marian— I came by yesterday but realize none of my comments on blogspot took. So glad I came back. It’s just a wonderful poem, thanks. K.

  16. Wow....old you in the new-now....killer line to close a stunning poem.


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