Untitled 3-11-18

When memory’s but a whirl
in the always-roulette twirl
you’re a woman not a girl
begetting life in this world

When forever feels the wait
to live dreams amongst a spate
of unresolved ugly aches
with you I commiserate

When even luck is rotten
and besieged with ill-trodden
dreams frightening and sodden
let it all be forgotten

Whew! Trying out the tanaga form in the Imaginary Garden today. It is difficult, yikes.


  1. I like the last stanza really... especially the wryness of the last line.

  2. I really like this. I struggle at times to walk in woman shoes when all I want to do his slide back into my little girl dreams. This was a tough form. I always feel like when I write rhyme people say, "Poor thing, she really tried." lol

  3. Wise words, Marian. Your first verse put a little scare into me, I was thinking of all the young ladies who changed changed their titles from girls to women with the birth of a child. I know from experience that unresolved ugly aches departures make for a happy day. Beautiful third as well. The prompter does well, thank you.

  4. I shall roar the last stanza at the top of my lungs! Tomorrow, of course. If I do it now, my neighbors might call the cops. Really love that ending.

  5. I wholeheartedly agree with Magaly!💞 The entire poem speaks volumes about the struggles we go through as women. I too feel like returning back to the time of innocence. Beautifully penned!💞

  6. Let it be all forgotten... Good advice but not so easily accomplished.

  7. You aced the form, which looks difficult, Marian. Well done.

  8. To climb back into innocence and youth is rarely done - but a memory we should hold on to for sure and try to cultivate for our daughters as long as possible...

  9. That last stanza is wonderful! Great job.


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