I Was Just Trying to Find a Seat With a View of the Stage

Although I wore a crown
I found myself
crouched in a kiddie pool
in a country club dining room
craning my neck
to observe children
performing A Christmas Carol
trying not to get soaked
as the upper-crusters
surrounding me
avoided eye contact and whispered

Finally a kindly elder
perched on a throne-like chair
pointed out that the kitchen
had erred
in serving dessert
as the fanciful spiders
adorning her pastries
were each a different color
Rising and dripping still I said
they are different species
I think the spiders were real

Responding to Kerry’s prompt in the Imaginary Garden: CAMERA FLASH!


  1. I feel the kindly elder being some benign version of Miss Havisham... or maybe she is casting her webs on Estella...

  2. Boy do I relate to the first three lines. :)

    I really like that line break after "I found myself" ... because it's true! I feel 100% "me" when in that place/position.

  3. Real spiders on a dessert?!! Boy, that is weird. Would've been interesting to see it though. I like the dream-like quality of this

  4. What a ride! From title to final word, the pace never sameness. The line between real and imagined is dangerously thin most of the time. Brilliant, Marian. Thanks for playing.

    1. The pace never slackens....

      Pardon my incorrect.


    2. *face Palm*


      Sorry, I'm going now...

    3. I'm dying over these comments, Kerry. :)

  5. Heaven help the upper crust. We pay dues, we swim to please ourself. All sooo good here, Marian, needs several reads and still will not appreciate it all.

  6. I like the tone of this. Don't know why it reminded me of Alice in Wonderland...awareness and observations of strange things. I liked this.

  7. Love the surreal mix of fact and fantasy in this poem, Marian! Gorgeously penned!❤️

  8. upper-crusters and spiders... but that's redundant isn't it (wink)

  9. Rising and dripping still I said
    they are different species
    I think the spiders were real

    This is too close for comfort. One would not imagine a real crawlie should be there! Good play of contrast Marian!


  10. Hi Marian, I've popped back over to say thank you very much for the Christmas card... which arrived today. No matter how slow snail mail is, there is nothing more special than warm thoughts conveyed across the miles in a friend's handwriting.

    Much love, sister poet.

    1. Much love right back to you, across the miles!
      Christmas card art by my son Jack FYI. :) xoxoxx

  11. love this! and I'm imagining everyone screaming in surprise as they realize the spiders are real
    MNL (cactus haiku)


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